Oppositions & Parallels, 2014, is a series of photographs exploring the relationship between environment, both man-made and natural, and the self. Having traveled abroad extensively, I have at points found myself to be the outsider, the newcomer, and the stranger. Viewing oneself in an alien environment can take on an out of body kind of experience, as if one was a voyeur to his or her own actions. To create these images I arranged mirrors and prisms within a small room of mirrors and used a camera, a tool that utilizes mirrors and reflection/refraction, to capture the images. The photographs were displayed on mirror shelves reflecting both the image as well as a pattern of light and shadow on the wall behind it. I ultimately constructed a distorted and fractured version of myself within my surrounding environment sometimes physically present, others not. The endless reflections also determine how I fit into and interact with my surroundings. These artworks explore associated feelings of confusion, loss, anxiety, desire, and loneliness, emotions which can arise from living an itinerant and malleable existence.